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The Environ apres-CIT is a serum formulated to complement non-invasive professional treatments (i.e. Rolling) and contains a combination of peptides namely Matrixyl? Synthe 6?, Matrixyl 3000 and Trylagen. The Environ apres-CIT serum was specially designed to augment the results of treatments so that patients could achieve faster and more impressive results.

Product Benefits:
The three peptides incorporated into this unique serum are Matrixyl-3000, Trylagen and Matrixyl Synth 6.
The clinical trials of the raw materials show that the peptides are excellent for:
Faster and more impressive changes in the overall improvement of the appearance of the skin.
The visible increase in plumper and smoother looking skin.

How To Use:
Apply apres-CIT serum with a brush to the entire treated surface in an even layer and allow to dry. Alternativel use sonophoresis together with the apr?s-CIT serum applied directly onto the treated skin. Follow with the Environ vitamin a, c and e body oil or the patient's preferred Environ skin care regime. At home the patient should use any remaining aprés-CIT as follows: After cleansing and cosmetic rolling, apply a thin layer of aprés-CIT serum to the skin surface and allow to dry. Follow with your recommended Environ regime containing vitamins A and C. Apply morning and evening until the serum is finished. A new sealed bottle should be used for the next and any future treatment sessions which ideally should be done at one week intervals.
Environ aprés-CIT can be used on all treated patients regardless of whether or not their skin has been prepared with vitamin A and C

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International $45.00 5-7 Business Days


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